About Us

Hi there,

Welcome to our website! We hope you're having a good time and, most importantly, you found what you're looking for!


We are a couple of programmers trying to solve problems within the car industry, by centralizing information and media for easy access.

J. Taniguchi

Software Engineer, specialized in process automation and, software architecture.

J. Koppenstein

Senior Developer, specialized in web operation, user interaction and, content.


What is AutoSights.com about?

AutoSights.com is not a company. We are a group of skilled individuals who built and maintain a website which is (hopefully) useful to you.


Long story short, helping a friend. Once we got the first version working, we realized that more people could benifit from the same tools so, that's how AutoSights.com came to be.

How ofter it is maintained?

Although AutoSights.com is built by a couple of devs, the planning, development and deployment enjoys from full-stack workflow, in other words, repository, test servers, scrum, CI and, CD. Nothing is left to change.

How do we monitize?

We do not. Everything we got is provided as is, free of cost. As mentioned, we are not a company.

Who pays for it?

We do. AutoSights.com runs on private server which cost us $600 per month. Contributions are really appreciated but, not required. No pay-walls.

More information

Questions? - Write us your question through our contact form. We'll reach back asap.


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